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Welcome to Kalayaan Martial Arts we are new to Port Orange, Fl. K.M.A specialize in Fillipino Martial Arts of Kali-Arnis, and Korean Kwan Jyel Sul.Master Tucker is founder of Kalayaan Anyo Arnis (This means Free Form Arnis). Master Tucker has studied several martial arts since 1984: JeetKuneDo, Wing Chun, TaiChi, TaeKwonDo, Hapkido, KukSoolWon, FreeStyle Wrestling, JiuJistu and Kali-Arnis. K.M.A. want to provide you with a superior martial arts experience and holistic therapies. At K.M.A. we are very proud of the curriculum therefore our classes are closed door (this means that you may not attend or teach at another martial arts school while studying with us.) Kalayaan Martial Arts is not a tournament based school (we are self-defense based) although students may participate in tournaments this is a personal choice. Kalayaan Martial Arts is not a Black Belt mill (we want to develop highly skilled martial artists.) Currently Master Tucker is only teaching private lessons (Master Tucker is a closed door instructor, that means Master Tucker reserves the right to choose you as a student. Why? "It is impossible for a man to learn something he already thinks he knows" Epictetus.

"It is not daily increase but daily decrease...hack away the unessential" Bruce Lee 


If you are interested  in hosting a self-defense seminar at your facility please call! 

Master Tucker has taught several seminars at martial art schools', Fitness Centers, and Colleges.

 I want to give thanks to GM Bong Jornales, GM Remy Preses, and Master Richard Fetters for the Martial arts vision they gave me many years ago.

Master Tucker has 25+yrs. experience in the Martial Arts!    

Please Email: kalayaanmartialarts@gmail.com for Class times and Availability 


Holistic Rx


Welcome to Holistic Rx a Holistic Health Service. Treatments or consultations may include Medical Massage, Sports Medicine, Custom Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Herbal Consultations, GauSha, Chi-Kung, Ionic Foot Detox, Metaphysical Therapies. My goal is to help you improve your health through Herbal/Nutrition consultation, Exercise, Martial Arts and Chi-Kung.

Master Tucker is Board Certified L.M.T.-H.H.P.- B.Msc., B.S. Sport Medicine, ACE-CPT, A.A.D.P. (MA 61593)




For Appiontments or Class Information Email: kalayaanmartailarts@gmail.com

*Attention!! Appiontments for Holistic RX are currently being excepted for consultations/TMA!!!

*Private lessons for Martial Arts are currently being excepted!

*Always check credetnials and years of experience when seeking a Martial Arts Instructor!



25+yrs. Martial Arts experience

20+yrs. Holistic experience

B.S., Sports Medicine - ACE CPT

Licensed Medical Massage Therapist A.M.M.A.

Board Certified Holistic Health Therapist A.A.D.P.

Certified Metaphysical Practioner R.R.I.

Certified Master Taekwondo Inst. I.T.A.

Oriental Remedial Therapy,Dip S.A.C.

Intuitive Healing, Dip, S.A.C.

Herbalism Dip, S.A.C.

Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc




KALAYAAN MARTIAL ARTS - Holistic Rx reservers the right to change fees/prices/discounts/times without publication or notices! Always contact KMA for current prices: st.fitnesssystems@gmail.com